CurieRIS is state of the art highly customisable Radiology Information Software (RIS) developed with next generation cutting edge technologies like HTML5 having wide varieties of features for Radiologists, physicians and administrators. Utmost attention has been given to the security of the system. The CurieRIS is integrated with CuriePACS through HL7 – an international healthcare standard. Our RIS provides rich set of business, clinical and administrative features for management, physicians, radiologists and administrators. Our RIS workflow makes it easier for everyone to be connected on one system irrespective of their geographical location.


  • Optimum scheduling of equipment, radiologists, technologists and patients. 
  • Comprehensive workflow for reporting including worklists, alerts, notifications and actions.
  • Powerful options like remote or localised PACS and secure VNAs to manage image archive, record-keeping and billing are offered.
  • Track a patient’s entire radiology history from admission to discharge with past and future appointments. Statistical reports for a single patient, group of patients or a particular procedure can be easily generated.
  • State of the art Management Reports (MIS reports) can be generated to track Patient Turn Around Times (TAT’s), Redo’s, Equipment utilization etc.