Moksha offers the best practice of medical Histopathology reporting and electronic health records management. We are raising the bar across medical disciplines, improving telecommunication between pathology (local and remote), surgery and radiology reporting. Need for better workflow in histopathology department and economic drivers are enabling Moksha PACS to prosper in this field too. Moksha will help automate the digital histopathology workflow to help hospitals achieve faster, improved patient care. This digital histopathology PACS will focus on

Our product caters to the specific workflow of the pathology department and introduces a digital path for images as part of the workflow. The Moksha product will DICOMize gross image data and push them into CuriePACS cockpit making them accessible to all enterprise-wide clinicians for immediate assessment and reporting. These digitized WSI is then assigned with Metadata therefore minimizing manual data entry. Hospitals can now use Moksha PACS as a starting point for integration and interoperability of Digital Histopathology with the other systems


  • Worklist and case history 
  • Gross / Low resolution Image Analysis 
  • Assigning digitized Whole Slide Images (WSI) to Metadata (i.e. Patient demographic info, block/slide info). 
  • Reports